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Category Aircraft
Description 16 channel radio controlled model transmitter
Brand FrSKY
Product Line Horus
Model X12S
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Features FrOS open source OS, Audio Speech Outputs, Full telemetry and real-time data logging, Antenna detection and SWR warning, Integrated GPS module and 6-axis sensor (3-axis gyro and 3-axis accelerator), All CNC 6 ball bearings gimbals with accuracy hall sensor and extensible by stick ends, Safe power switch with integrated strap base, Two types trainer ports, Inbuilt wireless trainer system, 6 position encoder for easier flight modes switch, FrSky FrOS operation system, MP3 Player, Industrial High Resolution TFT Screen Readable Outdoor, Internal and External Antenna selectable
Specifications Channels, - 16 (up to 32), Operating voltage, - 9.6V, Operating temperature, - Minus 10 to 60 degrees C, Operating current, - [email protected], Flash memory, - 16 MB (upgradable via TF card), Connectivity, - miniUSB, Style options, - Texture, - Silver, - Space grey
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